Initial Assessment

At the initial appointment the Speech Pathologist will assess your child to determine the need for, frequency of, and goals of intervention. 

The initial consultation includes taking a detailed case-history. Please bring along any relevant assessment reports or information relating to your child's developmental or medical history.  Liaison with other health and educational professionals may be necessary to complete your child's assessment.

Simple assessments are usually completed in one session however children with more complex needs may require 2 or 3 one hour sessions.

To assess very young children we use play-based assessment methods, observations and samples of the child's speech and language.  These language samples may be recorded in the clinic or for reluctant talkers, provided by parents from parent/child recorded interactions from home.

For older children we use standardised assessment procedures.  A comprehensive assessment of a school-aged child may take 2 or 3 sessions.  Often several assessment tools are required to fully diagnose areas of need.

Written reports are then compiled from your history and our assessment. If appropriate, referrals to other professionals are recommended.


We offer comprehensive reports for funding applications or diagnostic assessments.   We are also able to provide therapy summary reports for handover or school information.   Fees do apply to cover the time taken to complete reports. 

Therapy/Intervention Sessions 

Following your child's speech pathology assessment, an individualised program of ongoing treatment will be recommended based on your child's individual needs.  This may be recommended on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

We strongly encourage parent/carer input into all therapy sessions.  This allows the program to be successfully carried out at home between therapy sessions. We also encourage teacher aides to attend sessions along with the child and family which also allows carryover of therapy skills into the school environment.

After each session, activities and fun, practical ideas will be provided and discussed to allow successful home practice.  Home practice for all clients is vital!

Sessions with the Speech Pathologist run for 30, 45 or 60 minutes each (the duration of your session will depend on factors such as the type of program being implemented and your child's attention span).

WPSP incorporates a range of intervention programs into their therapy sessions. These include;

Lidcombe Stuttering Program

Smooth Speech Program for Stuttering

Secret Agent Society social skills groups

Social Thinking social skills groups

Orton Gillingham MSL approach to Dyslexia intervention

Nuffield Dyspraxia Speech Program

Talkabout Program

Sound Contrasts in Phonology Program

Boardmaker for Early Communication skills

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Tongue Thrust Therapy

Key Word signing

Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk/More Than Words